Endicia Dymo Stamps

Activation Code

30915 Stamp Labels

Aug 6, 2013


Below is our opinion on the Activation Code requirement.


Users of the free Endicia Dymo Stamps application using the 30915 stamp labels have been stopped from printing labels as of June 19, 2013, unless they enter an Activation Code every two hundred labels.


Now that Dymo and Endicia have merged under the same parent company, Newell Rubbermaid, this appears to be their attempt to force you to buy their brand of higher priced labels in small rolls of only two hundred labels each, or to sign up for a monthly paid account, which does not require the code.


Many bought the higher priced turbo model Dymo printer, or paid for an upgrade, specifically because it was advertised to work with the free “no hidden fees” Dymo Stamps application, and now are finding out there will be paid restrictions never before mentioned.  So apparently the free Dymo Stamps offer was just a marketing ploy to get people to pay extra for an otherwise unneeded upgrade or higher priced printer model. This is a clear case of bait and switch.  Or at the very least, false and misleading advertising.  Quite unfair, if not illegal.


This code requirement even has owners of previously purchased Dymo name brand labels stuck, as they never had this code printed on them either.  Another major issue is, if someone steals legitimate codes off  store shelves, mistypes or hacks the code, which ends up matching yours, you are locked out of using your labels.  This would create a serious problem, especially for someone whose business relies on being able to print stamps on demand.


Dymo Endicia using the USPS as an excuse and the threat of returned mail for requiring this code is totally false and misleading.  Our stamp labels have always used the specified florescent marking dye that meets all USPS specifications and after millions of mail pieces have never had any issues.  Plus, Endicia states that if you pay for their monthly service, compatible labels can be used without the code.


Dymo by Federal law, can’t prevent you from using, or void your warranty, because you’re using compatible labels in their printers, so they’re trying to restrict your access to their printing application.  A loophole maybe, bad business, definitely, even a possible antitrust issue.  Worse is the false advertising users relied on when they bought their Dymo printer, promising free “no hidden fees” stamp printing.


Users on the Endicia Facebook page are up in arms over this, no matter what brand labels they use.  You do not have to be registered to read what’s going on, but if you are, please add your comments.


Many are filing complaints with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), FTC (Federal Trade Commission), CPA/DCA (your state’s Consumer Protection Agency or Department of Consumer Affairs), DOJ (Department of Justice), the AG (your state’s Attorney General), US Attorney General Antitrust Division, etc.  As well as blogging, adding their name to petitions, and leaving bad reviews wherever Dymo Endicia brand printers and labels are sold.  We hope this will get Dymo’s attention, that we expect to continue to receive what was promised and paid for.


For those considering formal complaints and/or legal action, it is our understanding that Newell Rubbermaid’s legal department handles these issues for both Dymo and Endicia.


Unfortunately until we see the final outcome, we can only recommend the 30915 stamp labels for use with a regular Dymo Endicia account, as access to the free Dymo Stamps application may be unpredictable.  We use Dymo Stamps ourselves so will be closely following what develops.  If you have questions or have any comments to add, please email.