eBay PayPal Label Printer

Java Runtime Modifications

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Getting Rid of Request-To-Print


Here is a simple edit that will save you time and aggravation when using eBay or PayPal shipping with a label printer by getting rid of the Request-To-Print pop up.


Right click WordPad (Start>All Programs>Accessories) click Run As Administrator.


In WordPad click Open and navigate to the java.policy file as follows (***is the version number):


C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre***\lib\security


Make sure WordPad is set to display All Files (*.*)


Open the java.policy file, make a backup copy first if you like.


Insert the line below in the list of Permissions at the end just before the last };


permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "queuePrintJob","read";




Save the file and you’re done.  Note that you may get a warning that the file will be saved as a text only file, click ok.  


If at some time in the future this file is updated, you will again have to edit it.


For information on security issues see Java Security.