Java Security Issues
Pitney Bowes Exceptions
For eBay PayPal Label Printers
Jan 15, 2014©

Setting the Exceptions

If you are getting Java security warnings when printing a label using eBay or PayPal shipping, you need to either lower the Java security setting, which is not recommended, or add the Pitney Bowes security exceptions.  Note however, even adding the exceptions may require you to click Ok, and Don’t Show Again, at least one time for each unique server you encounter.


To add the exceptions in bulk:


1) Right click WordPad, click Run As Administrator.


2) In WordPad Click OPEN and navigate to the exception.sites file as follows:



Note: The AppData folder is a hidden folder. You must enable the “Show all hidden files and   folders” in the Folder Options panel. Go to Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization and click Folder Options for Show Hidden Files and Folders. On the View tab, check the bullet for  “Show hidden files, folders and drives”. Then click the Apply and then the OK.


3) Open the exception.sites file, make a backup copy first if you like.

If the file does not show, do at least one manual entry to create it as follows:

            Open Java Control Panel: Start>Control Panel> click on the Java icon.

            In the Java Control Panel, click on Security tab.

            Click on "Edit Site List"

            Manually add to the exception site list.


4) Any manual entry will already be in the file.  Each server link has to be on a separate line in the file.  Copy and paste the list below, but be sure there is no extra blank line after the last entry.


5) Save the file and you are done.  If at some time in the future this file is updated, you will again have to edit it, but this file is generally untouched when Java is updated.


6) To double check your work, go back to the Java Control Panel>Security Tab and

you will see the list of links in the small white box next to the “Edit Site List” button.


Now try to print a new or reprint an existing label in each of your browsers.


If you get the Pitney Bowes security warning again, click on the "show options" field and check the "do not show this again" and it will not show the warning next time you ping that particular server.


Other Issues

If you are still having a problem, you may want to try clearing the Java caches.

Go to the Java Control Panel, click on the General tab, then click Settings.

Click Delete Files, check all three boxes and click OK.

Now try to print or reprint a label.


Other Security Popups

If you are getting other popup warnings try this:

Open the Java Control Panel, click on the Advanced Tab, go down to:

Mixed code (Sandboxed Vs. Trusted) security verification option in the Security section.

The default option is:

    Enable - show warning if needed

Change this to the next option:

    Enable - hide warning and run with protections


Getting Rid of Request-To-Print

If you want to avoid the printer permission popup see Java Notes.