Use with Dymo Stamps or Endicia InstaPostage.
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First install your Dymo LabelWriter printer and software according to the directions that came with it. If you already have a Dymo installed, check that you have the latest software version.  Start the Dymo Label Software, click Help then click Software Updates.  If needed, download and install the free update from www.dymo.com support.  Note, that if you are using a Twin Turbo, to always check your Printer Preferences before printing to insure the proper left or right roll is selected and the printing orientation is correct.  Load the labels and you’re all set.

Printing Endicia or Dymo Stamps USPS Postage Stamps
You will need to open an Endicia account at www.endicia.com.  If you have the free Dymo Stamps software please see: Activation Code
Start the application and set the printer and label template to Dymo 30915.  On your first try, print the Sample Label to check everything is set up properly. If the label prints in the wrong orientation, click Start, Settings, Printers, and right click your printer, then click Printer Preferences, select Portrait and click OK.  If you are using a Twin Turbo ensure that the correct side (left or right) is selected.