eBay / PayPal
for PDF Labels
April 19, 2015©

Recently eBay and PayPal are experimenting with changing label printer output  to use PDF, no longer requiring Java (not to be confused with Javascript) for label printers. Likely this will become permanent.  While this does eliminate Java issues, it has created some new procedures. Below is basic information for the using the new system.  

Update your browser and then update Adobe, in that order.
Make sure your browser has its PDF defaults set to Adobe, and not its built in viewer.  
Manually select the Target Printer if it is not the Default Printer.
Open your label printer’s Printer Preferences from the Control Panel and select the correct label size.

For eBay Shipping:
From the eBay shipping page click upper right on Printer & Receipt Preferences and select your printer label format.  For any Dymo using the 99019 label, select any Dymo model.  For the Dymo 4XL using the 4"x6" label, select the Zebra 2844.

For PayPal Shipping:
Go to your profile’s Shipping Preferences and select the correct printer label format. For any Dymo using the 99019 label, select any Dymo model.  For the Dymo 4XL using the 4"x6" label, select the Zebra 2844.

Create a label as usual and print.
It should open in an Adobe PDF print window.
Change the Target Printer at the top in the pull down menu to the Dymo, if needed.
Options should be set to Actual Size and Auto Orientation.
Preview of the label should be properly shown in the format outline.
Print your label.
(Note that international labels will still be in the half sheet size for a laser/inkjet printer.)

Unfortunately, unless they make further changes, PDF printing this way has created additional clicks to print labels. Here are some things to consider to eliminate some.

Set the label printer as the Default Printer when doing labels so you don’t have to reselect each time.

First time you do a Packing Slip select your Target Printer.  Most browsers, like Firefox, will remember this setting, allowing you to switch between Packing Slip printer and Shipping Label printer without reselecting either printer or the label size.

NOTE: The above information is preliminary and subject to change without notice.  Please email  us if you find a problem, a better solution, or have any suggestions or comments.