Use with Dymo Label Software, eBay, PayPal, Endicia, Stamps.com.

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First install your Dymo LabelWriter printer and software according to the directions that came with it. If you already have a Dymo installed, check that you have the latest software version, which contains the template needed to use these labels. Start the Dymo Label Software, click Help then click Software Updates.  If needed, download and install the free update from www.dymo.com support. Note, that if you are using a Twin Turbo, it defaults to the left roll for these labels.  See Twin Turbo Notes.  



Note that there is both an eBay, and a PayPal shipping application.  It is suggested you set up both of these so you can use either one as needed.  The eBay application has additional USPS discounts and services available, but the PayPal application allows for shipping of non eBay items.


Java Runtime

Note that eBay and PayPal are in the process of changing to PDF label output, which will no longer require Java.  If you are on the new system, skip this section and refer to PDF Label Printing.


Check that you have the latest Java Runtime.  Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel, and click the Java icon (coffee cup).  Then click on the Update Tab.  If you do not see the Java icon go to www.java.com for the free download.  


If you want to avoid the printer permission popup see Java Notes.

For information on security issues see Java Security.


PayPal Shipping  

Sign in to your PayPal account and click My Account, Profile.  Under Selling Preferences, click  Shipping Preferences. Then under U.S. Postal Service Preference, click Edit Printer Settings.  Select Label Printer, and in the drop down menu select any Dymo model and click Save.


You can use PayPal Shipping for non eBay items and personal shipping.  Either open the Multi Order Shipping option and select Create New Orders,  or for just a single label use this link www.paypal.com/shipnow .


eBay Shipping  

eBay now defaults to eBay Shipping.  When you go to print postage and the shipping window opens, click on the Printer and Label Receipt Preferences button at the upper right and select any Dymo model and click Save.


Printing eBay / PayPal USPS Shipping Labels

From eBay or PayPal select Print Shipping Label and follow the  instructions until you get to the USPS Postage Label preview window that displays a sample label.  If you do not see the proper sample label, or do not receive the instructions to print it, either your pop-up blocker is interfering, the Java Runtime is not installed properly, or you forgot to Select and/or Save your Dymo printer type.  If your printer’s name does not appear at the upper left above the sample label, click on Select Target Printer and select and save your printer from the drop down menu. If you do not see your Dymo printer listed, then it has not been installed properly.  


If the sample label doesn’t look right, does not print centered, or is in the wrong orientation, click Start, Settings, Printers, and right click your printer, then click Printer Preferences and select Landscape.  Next click on the Paper/Quality tab, then click Advanced, and check that the Paper Size is set to 99019 Large Lever Arch.  If you do not see this template in the drop down menu, then you do not have the current Dymo software installed, see Getting Started above.


On your first try, print the sample label to insure everything is set up properly.  Let each screen load completely before clicking to print.  If you have any trouble, just click on Reprint Label.  Note if you later need to reprint or void a label, that if you used eBay Shipping, these functions are on the eBay Order Details page.   If you used PayPal Shipping go to your Account Overview and open the Payment Transaction Details or the USPS Details for that transaction.




Printing Endicia.com or Stamps.com USPS Internet Postage Shipping Labels

You will need an account with either www.endicia.com or www.stamps.com . These one part labels can be used in most instances instead of the multi-part (30383, 30384, 30387) Internet Postage labels.  With the exception of standard size First Class letter envelopes, they are great for First Class Parcel or Media envelopes, as well as Priority, Express, and Parcel Post shipments.  They save the hassle of stripping and pasting multiple part labels, and having to stock and load more than one label type. Plus unlike others, they have a full 150 labels per roll.  To use these postage programs you will need to go to the application’s Printer Setup and select your Dymo printer and the 99019 label template.  NOTE: If you are using Endicia see Endicia 99019.




Printing Large Labels, Lever Arch File Folder Labels, Small Signs, etc.

This label is also supported by various other applications and is compatible with the Dymo Label Software.  To use as a large label with the Dymo software, just select the LAF Large (99019) template from the Label Files drop down menu.  For other applications go to the Printer Setup for your Dymo printer and select the 99019 label template.  If you do not see this template, then you do not have the current version of the Dymo software, see Getting Started above.